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We are focused in providing digital and technology services for aeronautical companies. Our mission is to fill the gap between modern technologies and companies through the use of innovative solutions and a strategic mindset oriented towards business continuity. Thanks to many years of experience in the information technology sector unified with [...]
"Services and technical support for aeronautical companies

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Enhanced Data Management Flow ®

ICT Technologies / Infrastructure Integrity

Integration of IT solutions to control and monitor the whole business processes. We offer innovative systems thoughts to business continuity and recovery in case of disaster or interruption.

Data Modelling / Content Creation

Data modeling and development of customized applications for aeronautical companies. Development and creation of targeted content to promote the brand. We offer professional strategies.

Sponsorship / Branding Advisory

Online promotion through digital channels. Strategic support for the brand using optimized methodologies in line with current trends. Brand growing by leveraging partnerships and promotions.

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AV-COMMERCE è un canale online e una rete associata per promuovere opportunità B2B per le aziende aeronautiche di tutto il mondo. La rete ha una portata globale e i nostri abbonati beneficiano di quanto segue: I migliori servizi B2B Prodotti di alta qualità per i clienti Mercato globale e visibilità mondiale Vantaggi illimitati per le […]


Asteraviation was born as a flight academy. A professional academy created by teaching professionals who have worked and work with and training realities. The academy organizes selections aimed at identifying the skills and predisposition of those who aspire to pursue a career as an airline pilot. To find out more, read this article: How to become a pilot of [...]

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Piaggio P180, the italian masterpiece

One of the best executive and transport aircraft ever made is the Piaggio P180 Avanti II, the twin-engine turboprop built by the Italian Piaggio Aerospace. Overview Designed and developed by the aeronautical engineer Alessandro Mazzoni starting from 1980, the Piaggio P180 Avanti II is one of the most versatile aircraft in circulation and is currently supplied to the main [...]

Come diventare pilota di aerei di linea o privati

How do you become an airplane pilot?

So you want to be an airplane pilot? It is really great news! Being at the controls of an aircraft is one of the best experiences you can have in life. However, the conduct of an aircraft, contrary to popular belief, is not necessarily an achievement for everyone. There is a big difference between "I would like to become a pilot

The Daher's latest executive turboprop, TBM 940

The Daher TBM 940 is the latest executive single-engine model of the famous TBM family produced by the French aeronautical company Socata-Daher since 1987. Made for the transport of people and goods, the new TBM 940 represents the technological evolution of flight in terms of comfort and efficiency. However, the innovations are mainly addressed from the point of [...]

Beechcraft King Air 360, the new family of legendary turboprops

A few days ago Textron Aviation presented the new family of legendary executive turboprops aircraft to the public: the King Air 360 and King Air 360 ER. The historic family of King Air aircraft, was introduced by Beechcraft in the 1960s and since then more than 7600 aircraft have been sold, this record has earned the "King of the Air" the world's best-selling twin-engine turboprop executive aircraft.

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