Lo stormo al centro

Lo Stormo al Centro

Lo Stormo al Centro. Storia, riflessioni e prospettive

a cura di Associazione Pionieri dell’Aeronautica

A work that describes the history and evolution of the currently operating Flocks of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana.

The slogan "Lo Stormo al centro" summarizes the Air Force's objective of increasing operational efficiency, to the advantage of Italy's security and defense. The challenge is demanding because it requires a strong acceleration, all the more difficult in the current historical moment, characterized by the very limited resources available.

Lo stormo al centro. Storia, riflessioni e prospettive - a cura di Associazione Pionieri dell'Aeronautica
Lo stormo al centro. Storia, riflessioni e prospettive – a cura di Associazione Pionieri dell’Aeronautica

The Air Force Pioneers Association, which contributed to the realization of this book: "The Storm in the Center", offers us the elements for understanding this challenge. Many of the Pioneers, in fact, have provided active service, in different historical moments, others have studied their historical and technical evolution, and all have thus provided testimonies that remember how the Storm has changed over time.

A part of the work traces the story of those Departments, Stormi, Air Brigades which, to date, are contributing to the defense of our country. Another part of the text is, however, dedicated to explaining how the A.M. has modified its operational activity, a response to the changes taking place with regard to geostrategic situations, the means and resources made available. Finally, an invitation to retrace the history of those departments that will be the object of the desired Aeronautical 4.0 reform.

And true to its spirit of innovation and progress, the Air Force Pioneers Association contributed to the writing of the book, exploring the concept of Stormo in all its historical, operational, future and values aspects through the essays by Gregory Alegi ( Lo Stormo: from aeronautical identity to operational centrality), Pietro Valente (Lo Stormo in the Cold War), Alberto Rosso (The Stormo of today and tomorrow), Fabio Colussi's note on the traditions and the profiles of Pier Luigi Bacchini on the current flocks of the Air Force.
Through their own story, each author collaborated in an original way to outline the evolutionary path of the central organizational element of our Armed Force - the Stormo.

An evolutionary path, aimed at the realization of an Air Force 4.0, which is accomplished through a transformation process where the past becomes an integral part of the heritage.
The volume is dedicated to the memory of Countess Maria Fede Caproni, Honorary President of the Air Force Pioneers Association, who passed away on 5 November 2017.

The Air Force Pioneers Association was founded on May 24, 1923 to collect and preserve the memory of those who made it possible for the rise of the Air Force in Italy, defined as "Precursors" or "Forefathers" and erected in the Moral Authority on November 22, 1925.

Today it has about one hundred and thirty members, all in the category of the pioneers of aeronautical progress, which recognizes those who have ensured the nation new and absolute progress "for the ever greater conquest of the sky".
In addition to the statutory purposes, keeping the Register of Pioneers, collecting documentation, keeping the memory of individuals and promoting the spirit of brotherhood among the Members, the Association currently carries out a mainly cultural activity.
It is based in Rome, in the Douhet building, former home of the famous air war theorist, and is chaired by the air team general Antonino Altorio.

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